Diabetes Mellitus Complications


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There are acute complications and long-term diabetes mellitus complications.

Acute complications

Acute complications occur suddenly and may be the first manifestation of diabetes in a person who does not know that he is diabetic. The acute complications of diabetes may also happen when insulin therapy is suddenly withdrawn, or when infection, surgery or other stressful events occur. The two acute complications of diabetes mellitus are diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperosmolar non-ketotic diabetic coma.

Long term complications

The long-term diabetes mellitus complications occur within 10-15 years from the onset of diabetes. The increase of blood sugar level produces changes throughout the body. The thickening and narrowing of blood vessels is accelerated in a person with diabetes. This may eventually lead to a stroke or heart attack. Aside from changes in the blood vessels, diabetes may cause loss of vision (retinopathy), decrease in sensation (neuropathy), and renal failure (nephropathy).

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