Ten Steps For Staying Healthy


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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But how do you go about staying healthy and preventing a heart attack, stroke or cancer? Here are ten simple steps for you to do.

  1. Exercise. Aside from giving you a better sense of well-being, regular exercise may give your heart the chance to prevent a heart attack in the future.
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  2. Be conscious of your diet. What you eat and drink may help you prevent heart disease, colon cancer, and kidney stones.
  3. Get a tetanus booster. Tetanus may afflict anybody who has a contaminated wound. Prevent this potentially lethal infection by getting a tetanus booster. Learn more »
  4. Do an occult fecal blood test and other tests for colon cancer. Being one of the few cancers that can be detected before symptoms occur, colon cancer screening should be done in all persons who are at risk. Learn more »
  5. Check your blood pressure. This simple procedure will help you prevent heart failure, kidney failure, and stroke in the future. Learn more »
  6. Know your cholesterol count. Keeping your cholesterol level normal prevents the obstruction of blood vessels going to the heart, brain, and other vital organs. Know your cholesterol count to avoid future cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular accident. Learn more »
  7. Get a shot for influenza. More severe than the common cold, influenza may cause unnecessary absence from work and hospital stay for the healthy adult and elderly. Protect yourself from this virus by getting the vaccine. Learn more »
  8. Quit smoking. The list of health hazards associated with smoking is lengthy but its benefit is nil. You have everything to gain by quitting smoking. Learn more »
  9. Get a pneumococcal vaccine. Pneumonia in the elderly may lead to prolonged hospital and ICU stay. Minimize the risks by getting a pneumococcal vaccine. Learn more »
  10. Do a mammography and learn the early detection methods for breast cancer. Breast cancer may be detected in its early and treatable stage by mammography and other simple methods. Learn the methods of early detection of breast cancer, a common cancer among women in the Philippines. Learn more »

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